From Trash to Treasure: How Content Marketing and SEO Supercharged Traffic for Recycleye

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May 23, 2023

Recycleye is a ground-breaking AI robotics company working on improving global waste management, delivering improved efficiency, offtake and volume and improving waste sorting via the use of AI robotics.

The company itself is a start up and the marketing manager and founder understood the importance of investing in their online digital marketing efforts to promote the brand as well as their mission. Recycleye’s aim was to be at the forefront of their industry, revolutionising waste sorting and contributing to a truly circular economy.

The company partnered with Smarter Media and immediately a relationship was formed upon the admirable desire to be a part of the environmental sustabilitly movement. There was consistent communication from the start, and regular reviews, the campaign was optimised and delivered phenomenal results.

The Challenge

The challenge was to increase brand visibility - as Recycleye were at the forefront of an industry that was reinventing itself by the day, a lot of people were unaware of the latest technological advancements and just how much Recycleye were revolutionising AI and robotics when it came to waste management.

The brand itself and their website were relatively new, with minimal content and some technical issues which we identified during the initial audit. The niche was somewhat technical and therefore the content needed to tick the boxes and pass compliance which still ranking for the keywords needed to bring traffic to the website.

The Solution

The solution we implemented for Recycleye involved generating and delivering a complete content strategy to push all the new achievements that Recycleye were accomplishing, as well as increasing the brand awareness of Recycleye. Alongside the content strategy, we implemented a number of technical fixes to improve the SEO of the Recycleye website.

After the initial audit of the site, the technical team created and delivered a sound strategic search engine optimisation plan to increase the authority and performance of the site. The content strategy was formulated from an intensive competitor keyword gap analysis, and indepth keyword research. Blog posts where delivered and keyword optimisation implemented across the site.

Client communication was paramount to the success of the campaign, making adjustments as Recycleye needed (according to their own business and marketing strategy) to the strategy. This meant that the campaign delivered by Smarter Media aligned with their internal campaigns. By a few months in results had already started to pour in, especially from their first keyword featured snippet.

The Results

Following the implementation of technical fixes and delivery of the blog articles, the site had received a significant increase in organic traffic. The results at each monthly report, as well as each quarterly review were almost always in the green, and we took the momentum and continued the growth with several featured snippet positions throughout the campaign.

Recycleye managed to achieve an impressive uplift across their website during the campaign, seeing:

  • Traffic share increase from 3% to 28%
  • 85% increase in branded keywords
  • 543.54% increase in organic traffic
  • 132.35% increase in keywords
  • a 120% increase in the pages visited per session,
  • a 30% decrease in the bounce rate, indicating that people are engaging with the content
  • A 25% increase in the average session duration

This in turn has fuelled further investment into Recycleye after encouraging a further increase in leads to the website via our content strategy and fixing website errors. The results meant that investing in digital marketing was a no brainer when it came to the budget meeting.

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