Paid Media Marketing Can you handle more business?

Have you been struggling to find the right advertising for your business? Are paid media campaigns something that are new and unfamiliar? Or do they feel overwhelming because there's too much information available on Google? Well don't worry! Our team specializes in helping businesses like yours reach their full potential through effective paid strategies, whether that is Google, Facebook or Linkedin!


Insightful Introductions

This is where we get acquainted with your business and your objectives. We're going to ask you a few questions to learn more about you:

Your Company's Activities What are your core values, and the messages you wish to share with a broader digital audience than ever before can all be aided by Paid Media!

Customer Demographic Who is your ideal customer, what are the problems they are having that you can solve and why would they want to work with you?

Key Messaging This is what you want your core customers to understand about your business. It's the one thing that they should know above all else, be it products or services. You have to narrow down exactly what you want to convey before expanding on this idea any further, as it will save yourself a headache later on down the line.

Previous Campaigns! Looking at your previous campaigns, what were your main strengths? What worked well for you and generated the best results? Identifying these key strengths can help you focus on replicating that success in future campaigns.


Your Digital Marketing Plan

Your Paid Media Strategy! We'll develop a results-driven strategy for your company based on our findings from our insight session.

What do you see within your Digital Marketing Plan?

    We’ll present to you the plan that will define;

  • Defining the goals and objective metrics for the next 12 months.

  • What did we learn from your keyword research and competitor analysis

  • Keyword Projections based on Adwords bidding

  • Ad copy recommendations

  • Creative visual ideas

  • Go live plan!


Lights, camera, ACTION!

There are different outputs to our Paid Media process, these include!

Paid Search - Google Adwords Just as it’s important to have the right mix of ingredients in a dish, a killer PPC strategy requires a precise balance of keywords, landing pages, and ads. We carefully craft each aspect of your PPC campaign to ensure that your ads are seen by relevant customers, that you have a stellar rating, and that your landing pages convert visitors into leads. We’ve got the experience and expertise to make sure you get results.

Paid Social Advertising Most people spend around 50 minutes a day on social media, on average. Is it an intrinsic component of your paid advertising plan to have a presence with your customers? Like other sponsored channels, Paid Social uses targeting to deliver your message, products, and services to your defined audience. But the strength of social resides in its advanced targeting capabilities, allowing your company to build recognition and drive revenue.



We can turn insights into growth strategies using the data we collect. We build simple reporting dashboards, that will educate you through the Journey and use the information to define the tweaks and changes we need to make sure our work is as efficient as possible.


48,962 Words

Quality, unique content added to sites – enhancing visibility!


2,896,148 Impressions

Having your site seen at the right time by the right people


584,617 Clicks

Driving visitors from Google SERPS and other online channels


15% Conversion

Users converted to customers through quality website leads


We are a results driven, growth focussed Agency that specialises in developing custom campaigns that deliver results!

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Paid Media, What is it?

What is Paid Media?

Paid media is an offsite marketing practice that uses sponsored content or advertising to boost your website presence on third party pages and feeds. Paid media services include PPC advertising, branded content, and display ads. Here at Smarter Media, we like to get to know you and your business and use that understanding, paired with the latest advertising formats to build brand awareness, increase traffic, and drive conversions. Paid social media and PPC advertising allow us to put optimised content in front of the right audiences and achieve your business goals in a way that’s as powerful as it is cost-effective.

Why Use Paid Media?

Paid media serves multiple purposes. While it might feel like a bit of a traditional advertising strategy, paid media is a great way to get in front of the right leads, fast. Most importantly, it’s a great way to promote the content you've already developed, and bolster your company's messages. Since paid media ads are made for segmenting and targeting, they’re the best option to instantly get in front of your ideal audience and engage with them. They even have the power to reach audiences that might not have ever come across your company otherwise. All that being said, when you complement your inbound marketing strategies with an outbound paid media strategy, you’re sure to expand brand reach, drive exposure and engagement, and generate more leads.

CAN YOU HANDLE MORE BUSINESS? You’ve come to the right place!

Through our Smarter approach we enable our clients to grow their business online!

Our Smarter approach is understanding what your competitors are doing, reverse engineering their digital strategy, as well as gaining a deep understanding of your business. With this information we create a strategy that helps you grow your business effectively. Smarter Media is Digital Growth Agency based in Swindon, Wiltshire. Our marketing services strive to improve and enhance the visibility of your business and brand. Achieving results for our customers is at the centre of our ethos. We grow, when you grow. Assisting a vast array of businesses, our core clients are growth hungry SME’s and come from a variety of industries.