Building Online Visibility for Enterprise Works

2 mins read -
March 20, 2023

EW Timber (Enterprise Works) is an organisation owned by the Swindon Borough Council which is committed to providing supported employment and learning work opportunities to adults with learning difficulties. Supporting those who need employment opportunities throughout Swindon by providing trade professionals and individuals with timber products

Based in Swindon, Enterprise Works welcomes all trade professionals and individuals to purchase a range of timber and wood products. They offer quality timber products for all your trade and home needs, providing a community product supporting adults with learning difficulties.

The Challenge

Alsco Ltd were facing a substantial challenge that had been impacting their online presence and user engagement. The crux of the issue was found in the number of technical errors plaguing their website. These errors ranged from broken links to poor site structure, and they collectively hindered their website's performance. The result was a user experience that left much to be desired, causing a noticeable dip in engagement and conversion rates.

The Solution

Recognising the critical nature of the challenge, our team sprang into action. We conducted a comprehensive audit to identify and categorise the myriad of issues that were harming site health. With a clear roadmap in hand, we systematically resolved over 35,000 technical errors. Our efforts encompassed everything from rectifying broken links and optimising site structure to enhancing page load times and mobile responsiveness. The team had two objectives: to rectify existing issues and to lay a strong foundation for long-term SEO success.

The Result

By addressing and solving the multitude of technical errors, we successfully revitalised the user experience. Engagement metrics saw a substantial upswing as users encountered a smoother, more intuitive experience. Conversion rates also saw a boost, further enhancing the website's effectiveness as a business tool. With the technical challenges behind us, we were able to pivot towards long-term strategic SEO initiatives, positioning Enterprise Works for continued online success.