In 2019 this industry was valued at 26.6 billion USD and is predicted to see an increase of 5.3% by 2027. This is way more than the 3.8 million USD which is expected from the electric toothbrush industry…the sector I am referring to is adult toys!

As we now approach national lockdown #2, I am making an assumption that there will be a lot of couples scratching their heads at things to do to escape and de-stress of an evening so no doubt online sales within this sector will be pretty high on the lead up to Christmas. We’ve decided to take a peak into the ever popular adult toys sector to see who is currently leading the way!

With a little reverse engineering (not reverse cow girl may I add 😉 ) of the market leaders digital strategies to see who is “winning” online and likely to be generating more business than the others. I’ve taken a little peek into 5 of the industry leaders and to keep this anonymous we’ll call them Company #1, Company #2, Company #3, Company #4 and Company #5. The analysis we have gathered is taken from the past twelve months. It can be fairly in depth so I will summarise a few of the key points below.

The image below showcases the volume of traffic each company has had over the past twelve months.

Total site visits:

  • Company #1 – 32M
  • Company #2 – 21.1M
  • Company #3 – 7.7M
  • Company #4 – 833.3K
  • Company #5 – 480.3K

Company #1 is clearly leading the way by a mile in terms of traffic, and gaining momentum on the lead up to Christmas whilst companies #4 and #5 are attracting far lower volumes of traffic and potentially missing out on some huge opportunities.

Here I can see that Company #3 is keeping their visitors on their site for the longest period of time at 6 minutes and 47 seconds. This is a really important metric for indicating engagement levels and the true value of your content. Company #4 on the other hand is significantly lower and they also have the highest bounce rate.

Average visit duration

  • Company #1 – 05:49
  • Company #2 – 05:22
  • Company #3 – 06:47
  • Company #4 – 02:20
  • Company #5 – 06:31

Channels overview

Our traffic overview shows the percentage of traffic each company is receiving split across seven channels. I’ve highlighted below some of my key findings.


  • Company #1 – 37.60%
  • Company #2 – 31.17%
  • Company #3 – 46.31%
  • Company #4 – 32.56%
  • Company #5 – 26.34%

Organic search

  • Company #1 – 25.23%
  • Company #2 – 26.23%
  • Company #3 – 18.90%
  • Company #4 – 26.57%
  • Company #5 – 50.20%

Paid search

  • Company #1 – 19.49%
  • Company #2 – 31.26%
  • Company #3 – 26.71%
  • Company #4 – 21.27%
  • Company #5 – 16.52%

Our guesswork based on the channel overview above is that company #2 is relying on Paid media/ads slightly more than the others whilst company #5 is generating the most in terms of organic traffic, followed closely by companies #2 and #4.

Brief summary

As you can see there is so much that we are able to learn from this data however, my main purpose here is to highlight the gaps that companies may have in their strategies and give you points to consider when analysing your own business.

This is a great example of a buoyant sector that really does need to think creatively in their digital approach to engage with their audiences.

I find it fascinating to delve deeper into the organic search data that we obtain from #similarweb which allows us to see which companies are attracting the best traffic based on the phrases that are leading traffic to them, this ultimately shows us where the gaps are that can be exploited for that all important ROI which is the reward we are all looking for.

Creating a winning digital strategy in an ever evolving world right now is key to survival! At Smarter Media we can help solve that problem.

If you are attracting more than 5,000 visits onto your website each month then drop me a note to see how I can analyse your website and benchmark it against your competitors.

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Data produced using @SimilarWeb

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