How AI is Changing Social Media Management

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July 20, 2023

In 2023, AI began to make its mark in the digital marketing landscape. One of the key elements that AI has changed is Social Media Ads Management. Since its birth in 1997, social media has taken the world by storm, with platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter proving to be popular with users.

When it comes to social media marketing, ad management is one of the key aspects of a successful strategy. But the way in which digital marketers implement their social media ads management has now been given a makeover thanks to the help of AI.

What Is Social Media Management?

With 4.8 billion people around the world now using social media, it’s a valuable channel for businesses that want to increase brand awareness, reach new audiences, increase sales and garner customer loyalty.

However, building a successful social media strategy requires in-depth platform knowledge and digital marketing expertise – which is where social media management comes into play. By hiring an in-house social media team or working with a social media agency, companies can optimise their social performance to generate enhanced results and a higher ROI.

While the term ‘social media management’ can refer to both a company’s organic and paid social media strategies, it is paid social advertising that most often requires expert management. From audience targeting and content generation to performance analysis and campaign optimisation, professional social ads management enables businesses to achieve higher results from their PPC advertising.

What Is Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising, sometimes referred to as ‘paid social’, involves promoting your brand via paid ads on social media platforms, such as:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • YouTube

Although each social media site has its own in-platform ad management features, social advertising typically works on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis. This provides a cost-effective way for businesses to promote their brand, products and/or services across the most popular sites in the world.

Crucially, social media advertising facilitates audience targeting, which enables companies to target specific demographics. While a user base of 4.8 billion global people gives your ads humungous reach, few businesses are actively targeting all of these users. By using accurate audience segmentation and targeting, you can use social media advertising to reach your company’s target audience and generate meaningful commercial results for your business.

How Does AI Work?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad term that refers to a computer’s ability to perform functions that are commonly associated with humans, like reasoning and decision-making. There are many branches of AI, such as machine learning (ML), computer vision, neural networks and robotics.

One of the most prevalent ways AI is being used in a commercial context today is via the processing and analysis of Big Data. As artificial intelligence is capable of analysing large volumes of data at a rate that is simply impossible for humans, it allows us to gain insights that would otherwise be unreachable.

The ability of AI to take the next step, ‘make decisions’ and perform actions based on the data it’s processing and the patterns it recognises means that we can deploy it to undertake automated actions and streamline workflows.

Although we are still at the precipice of AI development, it is already being used across a variety of industries to enhance performance, increase efficiency and facilitate increased automation – and it’s becoming a significant part of social media advertising and digital marketing as a whole.

What Impact Is AI Having on Social Media Management?

AI is already having a transformative impact on social media management and providing marketers with access to data-driven insights and automated platforms that increase the efficacy of social advertising campaigns. Some common examples of AI in social media management include:

  • Analysis of targeting and budgeting variations to determine the most effective solutions for specific campaigns.
  • Predictive analysis to accurately forecast campaign performance and results.
  • Text and visual content generation.
  • Real-time campaign optimisation.
  • Post-click engagement via chatbots and tailored content.

While there’s no doubt that artificial intelligence is making social media advertising more effective and more lucrative than ever before, it has yet to replace the industry expertise and intrinsic knowledge that experienced digital marketers bring to the table.

By combining the capabilities of AI with the knowledge of social media marketers, however, brands can maximise campaign performance, increase their reach and enhance the ROI that’s generated via social media advertising.

How to Advertise on Social Media

Creating, building and executing a successful social media advertising strategy involves a variety of activities, including deploying AI-powered tools to optimise performance. Although every business should rely on bespoke social ad campaigns to deliver the best results, common elements of campaign creation, management and optimisation include:

Platform Selection and Audience Targeting

There are multiple social media platforms to advertise on but selecting the right one(s), based on where your target audience(s) are active, will give your campaigns the best chance of success. Similarly, using AI-driven tools and in-platform targeting options will ensure that you reach users who are most likely to be influenced by your ad content and, therefore, most likely to convert.

Creating Persuasive Content

From attention-grabbing headlines and eye-catching visuals to inspiring copy and motivating CTAs, there are many elements of a social ad that need to be carefully crafted. Here, you can use AI to determine which words and phrases have the biggest impact on your target audience.

Selecting Bidding Strategies

When your ads are competing against content published by other brands, you’ll need to use savvy bidding strategies to minimise your costs while ensuring your ads are displayed in prominent positions. Again, AI can be deployed to undertake competitor analysis and data analysis to determine which bidding strategies will deliver the most cost-effective performance.

Real-Time Optimisation

With real-time AI performance analysis, campaigns can be optimised to deliver enhanced results while they are ongoing. This maximises performances and ensures that every social ads campaign delivers an optimal ROI.

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