The August 2023 Google Core Update

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August 23, 2023

The August 2023 Google Core Update

The day we’ve been waiting for has arrived. There has been volatility all over Google relating to all areas of Search. We’ve received the warning signs, we’ve let our clients know, and the first thing we do every morning is to check on any updates. Google has released their Core Update.

It has arrived. And although this is not the final time we will see a drastic change, we hope the change is for the good and future of Search. Google Search Central on Twitter (now known as X) announced on the 22nd of August 2023 that they have released the Google Core Update.

Not often do Google actively announce an update, they like to keep all involved in Search Engine Optimisation on their toes, and so we’re delighted they let us know. Over the past few months, if you are an existing client, you would have heard the chatter and been informed of the imminent Google Update.

Broad core updates tend to happen once or twice a year, however, we were and are particularly concerned about this one because of the emergence of AI and Google’s own Generative AI chatter. The repercussions of this Google Core Update can take weeks to roll out and affect website performance and keyword rankings, however, we’re here to support your campaign.

What to Expect from the Google Core Update

As mentioned above, Google Core Updates happen once or twice a year, so its no surprise. However, with the worldwide use of AI (Artificial Intelligence), ChatGPT, Google’s own Bard with Generative AI experience, and Bing’s own AI chat, all dominating the industry of late.

As we have already seen, there has been considerable volatility with keyword rankings, page speed, and page rankings. While, luckily, some areas of different clients have not been affected at all.

The expectations we have had previously were; to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. But now, we are armed and prepared to address any changes in our client’s website performance metrics.

Quoted in the prominent Search Engine Journal article about the August Core Update:

“Google stresses that if you see a decline in performance after a core update, it doesn’t indicate an issue with your website.”

As long as you continue to provide value and helpful content to the end user, your ideal customer, we seem to be hitting the nail on the head. Google favours helpful content on a well-optimised website.

So do not be too alarmed if the keyword rankings are jittery, the impressions on Search Console seem to dip, and Google Analytics reports weird on-page time, the core update can take a few weeks to embed and then the real work begins.

What we are doing to adjust to the update

So we’re monitoring all the campaigns we have ongoing at the moment with a keen hawk eye, to watch the rollercoasters, and make adjustments that do not harm our client’s businesses as much as possible.<

Once the core update has fully rolled out and everything seems to be relaxing and getting ‘used to the new norm’ then we can adjust, change, and re-strategise for each of our clients. The internal meeting has been set, booked, and in the diary already.

Our experts in technical SEO,content marketing, and data analytics are primed for core updates and have already laid down the groundwork for minimal disruption to your business.

What you can do to adjust

There is great comfort in knowing that an experienced and expert SEO and Content Marketing agency knows the warning signs, is able to adjust, and implement a change in strategy for your digital marketing campaigns.

If you need to know more, feel free to reach out to us and we can let you in on what we know to ensure your website’s performance is at its peak, no matter what Google has up its sleeve.

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