Will Social Media Ads be Worth the Time and Money in 2023?

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December 19, 2022

What is the future of Facebook ads? One thing is for sure, and it'll be much different from today. And yet, you can still learn from the past. We've been working with social media ads since 2020 and have learned much. So considering we're only just going into 2023 now, we thought we'd share some of our insights with you. In this article, we'll share five fantastic insights, free tools and master classes to help you grow your social media campaigns and get the ROI your business deserves.


Will Social Media Ads Still Be Worth It in 2023?

Short answer: yes. Consumers might not like social ads. However, they are still very effective, and avoiding them is hard.


A key benefit of paid social media ads is their ability to impact results. Even though social media users who see ads in their news feeds may not convert as quickly, 58% of respondents said it affects their buying decisions. Further, 49% of internet users report purchasing from brands advertised on social media.


It’s also interesting to note that 57% of consumers use social media while watching television. So while television advertisements (31%) and word-of-mouth ads (28%) remain more popular for brand discovery than advertising on social media (27%), consumers are increasingly researching brands on social networks.


Given how effective social media advertising is and how it’s managed to influence our everyday lives, it’s still worthwhile to invest time, money and effort into social media ads.


Advantages of Social Media Ads

Better brand recognition

Companies can use social media platforms to interact with clients and build relationships with them. The more familiar customers become with your brand, the more likely they recommend you to their friends, thereby expanding your brand's reach.



Comparatively speaking, social ads are relatively inexpensive. Budgets can also be set at any level. This way, you can devote some of your funds to social media without hurting your budget.


Increased loyalty

Ads on social media can also demonstrate social proofing, thereby improving brand loyalty and converting one-time visitors into long-term customers.


Social Media Ads Insights

1. Social network video ads are on the rise

More advertisers are experimenting with social video ads than ever before. Increasingly, advertisers see that social video advertising can help them meet branding and performance objectives. As TikTok, Instagram Stories and Reels continue to rise, and marketers are also using snappy video content to reach their audiences.


Video advertising is Twitter's fastest-growing advertising tool, with more than 2 billion video views daily on the platform. It also states that tweets with videos receive ten times more engagement than tweets without.


2. Authenticity is key for influencer marketing

Influencers with trustworthy social media ads and content are increasingly sought after by social media users. There is potential for micro-influencers to bridge the gap between the new demand for authentic, trustworthy sources and established influencer marketing practices. In 2021, micro-influencers had a higher engagement rate than mega-influencers.


3. Personalisation of ads

The trend of personalisation has been around for several years now. Even so, its adoption for social media is still relatively new. Personalising social media ads is the most effective way for businesses and marketers to utilise the trend. Marketers can target and customise their campaigns through social media platforms. Since social media platforms now can understand the types of products people like, this enables you to show suitable ads at the right time to the right people.


4. Brands spend more on social media ads

Social media advertising is the second most popular digital advertising, following search advertising. Brands worldwide spent £3,118 on social media ads in Q2 2022, but UK brands spent 59% more. UK brands had the highest social media advertising spending, averaging £4,945. Most global digital ad spending goes to Google, and Facebook is close behind.


5. Facebook ranks as the top platform for social media ads

Social media platforms with the most popularity for advertising include Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn. Various ad formats on the platform include an image, video, carousel, collection and boosted posts. Advertisers on Facebook reach 2.11 billion people, which is why businesses can benefit from partnering with a reliable Facebook advertising agency.


Best Tools for Social Media Ads

  • Social listening tools: Help you reach the right audience. Although most social networks offer analytics, it is rarely enough to target users effectively.
  • Competitor analysis tools: Enable you to analyse how other businesses use social media ads. These tools help you learn from your competitors’ campaigns and improve your own.
  • Copywriting tools: Help you present information in social media ads in a persuasive, targeted manner
  • Audience research tools: Allow you to determine your audience's unique characteristics, so you can tailor your social media ads accordingly
  • Design tools: A great ad creative is key to a successful social advertisement. Users click on effective copy, but images and videos catch their attention first.


How Do I Make a Good Social Media Ad?

1. Do your research

Knowing the landscape before getting started is always helpful. Look at what your competitors do on social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

2. Make your ads mobile-friendly

Social media ads are often viewed on mobile devices, so you need to make your ads easy to view on mobile phones.

3. Platform selection is crucial

There's no need to be present on every social network. Choosing the right platforms is more important, so you invest your time and resources wisely.

4. When possible, use motion

In a busy feed, anything that moves, such as videos and gifs, will catch your audience's attention. Additionally, motion allows you to share more images and information with less space.

5. Optimise your ads by testing them

Test several ads with small audiences, and determine which works best. The winning ad should then be used in the primary campaign.


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