Why Email Marketing is still relevant to your Digital Marketing strategy

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July 7, 2023

With the rise of social media, some of us may wonder if it is still worth including email marketing into our digital marketing strategies. Our answer – it very much is!

We established in a previous blog article that email marketing has been used since the late 1970s as a form of direct marketing, whereby businesses communicate various bits of information with their customers – so why is it still relevant?

Well,  some of the biggest companies in the world continue to use email marketing to communicate with their customers, as this form of digital marketing can have a number of benefits when producing a successful Digital Marketing Campaign.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

  1. Generate website traffic

Email Marketing software enables senders to insert hyperlinks into their email template, which readers can then click on and be automatically directed to the company's website. In doing so, customers are presented with an easy way to visit your website as they can just click on the link and go straight to the page they want, rather than typing in the URL themselves.

  1. Raise Brand Awareness

With so businesses communicating with people online, it can be easy to become drowned out – especially as a small business. With the help of email marketing, you can reach your target audience on a regular basis, which in turn, helps drive awareness of your brand.

  1. Cost Effective

Email marketing allows you to reach a vast amount of people for very little cost. In fact, towards the end of 2022 HubSpot announced that email marketing produced an ROI (Return on Investment) of $36 for every $1 spent.

  1. Create personalised content

Due to the fact that Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing, this method allows senders to create content that is a lot more personal to their readers, meaning those receiving the email will not only feel special but also valued by your brand. Whereas because social media is a form of mass media, its content can be very generalised, due to the number of people it is trying to target.

  1. Highly Targeted Audience

People who sign up for an email newsletter do so because they are interested in your business and want to stay up to date with the latest news. This means that content being produced in an email campaign is very likely to be effective.

For example, if a popular clothing brand is having a sale and sent out an email to promote it, then it is likely that the reader will buy into the promotion as they like the brand and enjoy buying their products.

  1. Stay engaged with customers

Email Marketing allows you to directly tell your customers about the latest offers, news, events and company updates. This helps keep customers engaged with the brand, which in the long run helps support the development of brand loyalty.

Email Marketing can also be used to communicate with customers who haven’t made a purchase in a while. A lot of successful brands do so by offering their customers a free gift or discount to encourage them to make a purchase and reengage with the brand. This is also a good way to remind customers of your brand's presence.

  1. Improve sales

Email Marketing is a great way to increase brand recognition and secure more sales. For example, whenever a business runs a promotion, or has a new release, email marketing provides you with a quick and easy way to directly send this information to your customers, as well as links that allow them to make a purchase. You can also send follow-up emails to those who have made purchases from your store, as well as target potential customers.

  1. Useful insights

Email Marketing platforms will provide you with useful insights into how effective each campaign was through open rate and click rate. This allows your business to see what is and isn’t working when communicating with your customers.

For example, certain times of day may be better than others to send out content or you may find you receive a higher level of engagement from customers on a weekday, as appose to a weekend.

So if you’re thinking about neglecting email marketing from your digital marketing strategy – think again!

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