What is Sustainable Marketing?

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July 3, 2023

In an era marked by pressing environmental challenges and a growing consumer consciousness, businesses are recognising the need to go beyond profit-making and prioritise sustainability. This has given rise to the concept of sustainable marketing, a powerful approach that aims to create a positive impact on the planet while building successful brands. In this article, we will explore the principles and practices of sustainable marketing, shedding light on its potential to drive meaningful change, engage conscious consumers, and forge a path towards a better, more sustainable future.

Read on to discover the transformative potential of sustainable marketing and its role in shaping a more responsible business landscape.

What is Sustainability (or Sustainable) Marketing?

Sustainability marketing, also known as sustainable marketing, is an approach that focuses on promoting products or services that align with environmental, social, and economic sustainability. It involves integrating sustainable practices and values into marketing strategies to create long-term value for both businesses and society.

Sustainability marketing aims to address the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, fostering a more sustainable and responsible business environment.

The terms ‘sustainable marketing’ and ‘green marketing’ are often used interchangeably, and it’s easy to see why. Both of these forms of marketing refer to the promotion of brands, products and services that are environmentally friendly, but ‘sustainable marketing’ is a little broader in scope.

While green marketing typically focuses on the environmental impact of a product, service or company, sustainability marketing incorporates this but extends to the brand’s social and economic impact too.

By marketing sustainability, companies can showcase their commitment to building an environmentally friendly future that prioritises equality and equanimity. As these principles are a top priority for today’s consumers, it’s vital that brands use sustainability marketing to promote their sustainable practices, goals and achievements.

What Does a Sustainability Digital Marketing Agency Do?

A sustainable marketing agency delivers a range of services that enable brands to reach their marketing objectives, such as:

  • Sustainability Content Marketing
  • Sustainability Email Marketing
  • Sustainability SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Sustainability Paid Media (Social Media Ads and Google Ads/PPC)
  • Enhance Branding Sustainability

At their core, these activities work in the same way as regular digital marketing in that you might use sustainable SEO to target keywords that are relevant to your brand, products, services and target audience to increase awareness, boost search engine results page (SERP) rankings and drive organic traffic to your website.

However, a sustainable SEO strategy may focus on promoting your company’s environmental benefits, rather than purely its products or services. So, a cleaning product manufacturer may want to target keywords like, ‘eco friendly multi-purpose cleaner’ or ‘sustainable cleaning spray’ as part of a sustainable marketing strategy.

Ultimately, working with a sustainability marketing agency or a sustainability content marketing agency in the UK gives you the opportunity to identify the core sustainable principles that underpin your brand and showcase them in the most advantageous way.

Is Your Brand Sustainable?

Environmentally aware business owners and conscientious entrepreneurs may develop new products, services and companies with the sole aim of enhancing the planet. Electric vehicles are a great example of how new innovations can reduce emissions and have a positive climate impact, for example.

However, your company doesn’t have to be born from sustainability to be sustainable. In fact, most companies are modifying their operations to enhance their sustainability, even if this hasn’t been a core component of their brand to date.

So, even if your company doesn’t offer products or services that are intrinsically designed to resolve the climate crisis and protect the environment, this doesn’t prevent you from becoming a sustainable brand or using sustainability marketing to convey your company’s ethos.

What Can Sustainability Marketing Achieve?

With the right sustainable marketing agency, you can launch successful campaigns and strategies that enable you to achieve a wide range of goals, including:

Refine Your Branding

If you’re taking steps to make your company more sustainable, make sure people know about it! Consumers are increasingly aware of which companies are committed to sustainability and this is reflected in where they choose to take their custom.

By making your sustainable strategy and ethos part of your brand, you can ensure that your target audience naturally associates your company with environmentally friendly and environmentally aware practices.

Acquire New Customers

As consumers continue to prioritise sustainability, they are choosing to make purchases from brands that have a recognised sustainability profile. By working with a green content marketing consultant, for example, you can incorporate sustainability-related content into your site to promote your company’s sustainable practices.

By maximising the reach with additional marketing activities, such as paid media, you can engage both B2C and B2B customers who are actively looking for sustainable companies and solutions.

Retain Your Customer Base

Customer retention is a top priority for every business, but you could lose existing customers if you fail to exemplify your company’s commitment to sustainability. Whether you’re already operating at net-zero or you’re taking steps to make your company more socially conscious, keeping your target audiences updated will ensure you don’t lose customers who may be tempted to switch to a more sustainable brand.

Increase Brand Awareness

Your target audience needs to be aware of your brand before they can engage with you, which is why brand awareness is always an important aspect of a company’s marketing strategy. When raising brand awareness, however, it’s vital to consider what you want your target audiences to know about your company and what attributes they should associate with your brand.

By using your green credentials to increase brand awareness, you can elevate your company’s reputation and develop new opportunities for promotion and recognition.

Build Customer Loyalty

Acquiring a new customer is good for business, but generating customer loyalty is even better. When a customer is loyal to your brand, they will return again and again, thus increasing their customer lifetime value. Additionally, a loyal customer is likely to become an informal brand ambassador who endorses your company both online and in a real-world environment.

Being transparent about your company’s environmental impact, sharing your sustainability strategy and aligning your principles with your target audiences’ priorities is, of course, an effective way to gain their trust and loyalty.

Launching a Sustainable Marketing Strategy

Like all marketing strategies, a sustainable marketing strategy should be clearly defined and have distinct objectives and KPIs, as well as established monitoring, analysis and optimisation techniques in place.

When combined with innovation, expertise and experience, these elements come together to deliver a seamless and successful sustainable marketing strategy. To find out more or to talk to our experts about your sustainable marketing strategy, contact Smarter Media now!

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