Surely 67,000 back links are a good thing right?

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December 4, 2020

Will my website benefit from 67,000 back links like this company?

Having carried out some competitor research today I was surprised to see another business having so many back links and after the question was posed I was keen to investigate a little deeper.

At a first glance of course this all looks quite good doesn’t it, 67,000 backlinks from 133 referring IP addresses.

However, when I explored this in greater detail I could see that 63,834 of these links were coming from one website alone which did seem a little unusual.


Perhaps this was a website that was relevant and was driving relevant traffic to this UK based service provider.

So I took an even closer look…the link took me to a website overseas. The website wasn’t relevant to the one I was inspecting in any shape or form, it also had no noteworthy authority therefore their visitors would not make worthy referral traffic and they may be even be penalised for it if anything!

As a business owner investing in SEO, do you really want a tonne of spammy back links from sites in other countries that aren’t relevant, have no authority and are quite simply, just spam? The choice is yours however, if it were my business I know what I would rather ????

In reality they will do you more harm than good.

With back links you need to be thinking in terms of quality, relevance and authority rather than quantity.

When it comes to SEO there are many factors to consider, and they all carry different weight in terms of delivering results but best practice should always be adhered to, something we pride ourselves on at Smarter Media.

So, the morale of the story here is there is no quick fix and there is far more to the SEO process than overloading a tonne of spammy backlinks from a random site!!

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