Should your brand invest in e-mail marketing?

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March 20, 2020

Although it may seem like e-mail marketing is a good fit for everyone – unfortunately, it’s not. Before deciding to start investing in it, it’s necessary to consider who this type of promotion is addressed to. For some entrepreneurs, e-mail marketing can be a source of great benefits.

First of all, contrary to what it may seem, mailings are simple to prepare. Mostly because there are many tools useful for the preparation of newsletters and e-mail communication in general, so you don’t have to worry about figuring it all by yourself. Creating a newsletter is then about adjusting the chosen templates and planning to send them out. In addition, you can take advantage of some basic analytics and check how many of your emails have been received and opened, and whether the recipients took the desired action afterwards. Because of that, you can get to know the recipients, divide them into segments and prepare almost completely personalized messages. E-mail marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, so it can easily fit into your whole communication strategy.

However, e-mail marketing doesn’t work for every brand. For whom, then, it is and should you include it in your marketing strategy? According to a very general rule, e-mail marketing is for any company that gathers a specific community around them, can offer an actual product or service, and uses an appropriate mailing tool that allows the recipients to unsubscribe from the mailing list. The last but definitely not least – you should own a database, or be able to collect email addresses from the users who follow your brand and would be interested in receiving messages from you. So, if:

– you run your own online store, e-mail marketing can noticeably increase the sales. 44% of the recipients of all mailings have made a purchase at least once after receiving the newsletter. For an online store it is an opportunity to attract new customers and uses remarketing effectively;

– you work in a non-profit organization that makes good use of influencers and communicates its values and projects on a daily basis. E-mail marketing allows you to create relevant segments within your target groups so that each person can get personalized content and act accordingly so that your organization can achieve its goals more easily;

– if you own a startup and want to pitch your ideas more effectively and to a wider audience, you can do so through e-mail marketing. Introducing new products and promoting them through a series of personalized emails has never been easier. You can quickly and accurately connect with investors and other people are into your target industry;

– you are an owner of a specific website or portal – thanks to newsletters, you can send your readers a summary of the latest articles and news published, from any period of time. In addition, you can derive passive income from the ads placed in your messages;

– you are organizing events, conferences and meet-ups – then e-mail marketing will help you make sure you are in touch with all the participants. You can send them the most important information and keep them in the loop. By sending mailings, you also have insight into important statistics and details about the recipients.

– you work in the entertainment industry or sell recreational equipment. E-mail marketing will be a perfect addition to your activities and will also work well as an element of a remarketing campaign, for people who have already used the service you offer;

– you run a restaurant and offer a home delivery service – you can easily remind the recipients of your business and encourage them to place an order one more time;

– you are an influencer and you want to reach your fans – there is no faster route than the direct message that will end up in their inbox immediately. Thanks to regular mailings you can keep your fans updated and build a proper community around you.

On the one hand, e-mail marketing is for specific businesses, but on the other – it seems to be a good solution for anyone who wants to share information and stay in touch with their recipients. However, the most important thing is that when sending newsletters, you should personalize your emails as much as possible. The content should be relevant and useful – this will actually increase the email opening rates. By using graphics and videos, you can also get the attention of the recipients more easily. If you plan and execute your email marketing strategy well, there’s a real chance to increase your sales.

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