Smarter Media operate with a clear focus on customer results. We believe that as well as our own social media channels and Google rankings, our customers are our other key form of marketing. We love it when our customers talk about us!

If our customers are satisfied then they will speak volumes of the service we provide. Delivering results for you is what matters.

Our dedicated team of professionals strive to achieve excellence in four areas; Social Media, through the telling of your brands story, Search Engine Optimisation, by correct optimisation in line with Google’s best practice guidelines, Digital Sales Funnels, enabling you to achieving predictable and scalable growth, and Content Writing by creating unique and relevant text based content. Combine all four and the results will certainly speak for themselves…


Is your business targeting the right search phrases? Are your competitors taking market share through better visibility? These are real problems most businesses face.

We offer some of the most cost effective yet results proven solutions to clients of all sizes throughout the UK.

Prices start from just £950 per month.


Social Media

How social is your business? Every business has a great story to tell and what better way to interact and engage your targeted and loyal customers than through social media.

With more and more people spending more and more time online each and every day this is an ideal place to capture their attention and secure their custom.

Solutions for your business from just £250 per month.

Pay Per Lead

What if you could generate sales or leads at a predictable cost, and scale to your hearts content? For example, if an average customer to your business has a lifetime value of £3,000, if you knew you could spend £500 on targeted ads, which would generate 20 leads, which resulted in 5 closed deals, would that be a good deal to you?

That means for every £500 you spend on ads you could predictably generate £15,000 in new business!


Paid Search

You may have been running paid search campaigns for a while, or they may be completely new to your business. Either way it is likely that significant improvement and growth can be achieved.

Based in Swindon, Smarter Media are a Digital Agency operating throughout the UK delivering cost effective solutions and exceptional results for clients of varying sizes.

Facebook Advertising

Smarter Media don’t offer any services to clients that we don’t use within our own business to achieve growth. Targeted Facebook Advertising has been a significant part of our growth and continues to deliver day in, day out.

If you would like to work with an agency who take a bespoke approach to understanding your business and objectives, then we can strategise and implement your campaign and deliver growth for you in a targeted and predictable way.


Web Design & Development

Your website is often the first impression of your business that a prospective customer gets. It really does need to be as fantastic as your business.

You need to consider its design, functionality, usability, responsiveness, full user experience through the whole customer journey, it’s content and equally important your target customers. What will entice them to enquire?


Swindon is a fantastic town for business and growing! Situated along the M4 corridor in Wiltshire between Bristol and London, and boasting a vibrant economy now ranking in the top 5 towns/cities in the UK for performance.

Swindon is home to a huge array of companies, with many national and international businesses choosing to have their headquarters here, as well as many thousands of SME’s in all sectors and industries.

This vast contrast of businesses has allowed Smarter Search to build, service, maintain and grow a consistent and impressive client bank of businesses spanning the UK and ranging from SME’s to Blue Chip Internationals.

Search Engine Optimisation for your business website can be conducted from anywhere. This means you do not have to be based in Swindon to benefit from our services. Contact us today and we will help your business achieve its online potential.

Getting your brand out there is more dependent on your online strategies than ever before. Your target audience can be reached using social media and web search and can be driven to become leads and then converted into customers using your own website. However, all of this needs to happen in a highly competitive environment where it takes some expertise to make sure your message succeeds among all of the other things competing for your potential customers’ attention when they are online.

With online marketing now requiring a holistic approach that covers every aspect of the user’s journey, from first hearing about your brand to becoming an engaged repeat customer, it is important to find the right services to make sure every cog in your marketing machine is working effectively.

We can work closely with you to establish your goals and the type of people you need to reach, and we can apply the latest and best in marketing thinking to make sure your online campaigns perform at their best. We offer cost-effective solutions that are tailored specifically to the challenges of promoting a business in your industry and to your unique target audience, helping you keep your cost per lead or sale low.

Take a look around our website and you will find further details on our services, including paid search PPC advertising, social media, Facebook advertising, web design, and digital sales funnel creation. Contact us to find out more about what the best online marketing mix for your business could be right now!