Link Building Tactics You Can Start Using Today

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August 27, 2019

SEO changes over the years mean that site owners need to think more about where backlinks are coming from. Not all links will be beneficial, with some examples leading to ranking penalties. Effective link building can involve cultivating relationships over an extended period of time, building up trust with bloggers and influencers. Thankfully, though, there are still some effective methods that won’t take too long and can provide some excellent backlink opportunities. So what are some of the simple backlink tactics you should consider?

Link Building through Search for Brand Mentions

As your brand grows, it will be natural for people to discuss your business online. There could be conversations taking place on social media or mentions within a blog post. These mentions are often not linked, so you don’t get the authority passed to your site. In many cases, though, a simple message to the writer or site owner can result in a clickable backlink. You can use a tool like Mention to continuously monitor the web for mentions.

Link Building and Finding Broken Links

As sites close down and pages are deleted, it is natural that backlinks will eventually become broken. A link pointing towards a deleted page doesn’t help the linking site or the linked page. You can, though, use this issue to your advantage, gaining these backlinks for yourself. Contacting sites within your industry to let them know the link is broken is a helpful service. You could also recommend a page on your own site that could be linked to instead. There are various tools, including the SEO software Ahrefs, that will uncover these broken links on competing sites.

Quote Influencers in Blog Posts

Most industries will have several influencers who have built significant followings. Links from these influencers can provide authority and traffic, while also offering social proof and good branding. Building a relationship with an influencer can take time, but there are ways to get quicker links. Quoting influencers within your blog posts can draw their attention, increasing the chances they will link to you. You can develop this concept with roundup articles that provide the opinions of a group of authority figures in your niche.

Run Backlink Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis can reveal a number of backlinking opportunities. You can look at the backlink profile of a number of competitors, uncovering the links that are common to each site. There may also be some high-quality links that could be valuable to your ranking goals. Tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs allow you to track competitor backlinks and analyze the authority of each one. You can then focus on the links that will offer the best return for your efforts.

Speak to Clients

Existing businesses will have clients that can provide some immediate backlinks. New clients can then offer further links from blogs, websites, and social media profiles. While it can feel uncomfortable asking for backlinks and reviews, clients are becoming more used to the benefit of mutual assistance with testimonials and links for SEO. Try to make the process as simple as possible, suggesting where to put the backlink and helping with any technical requirements.

Use Internal Linking

Internal linking is controlled by the site owner, so offers the quickest method of link building. Internal links pass authority between pages, helping target pages to rank quickly. Even though internal linking is a common feature of many authority sites, the process is often neglected. Look to create an internal linking system that helps users navigate to appropriate pages, while also offering the benefits for SEO.

Build a Comprehensive Industry Q&A Page

Every industry will have several questions that are repeatedly asked. Forums, social media, and sites like Quora are full of niche questions that draw the attention of users. Creating a Q&A page on your site lets you develop a central resource that provides value to visitors. You can link to the page when you are assisting people with queries. Also, the page can become a reference point that other people use and link to.

Backlinks are central to a solid SEO strategy. While some backlinks will be gained simply by developing quality content, you also need to be proactive. There are various strategies that can take time to work, including developing free software, building long-term relationships, and creating a whitepaper. You will want some quicker tactics, though, allowing you to build some relevant links that pack a punch. SEO requires a long-term approach, so start working on your backlinking strategies today.

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