8 tools useful for your online store

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March 20, 2020

Every business needs proper tools that will help to analyze, optimize and improve the core processes, including marketing activities. Here’s a list of 8 useful online solutions which, if used properly, can improve your operations and increase sales in your online store.

Google Analytics

The most basic tool that every marketer should know, especially if working in e-commerce. It allows you to study the behaviour of your users when they are on your website. You can easily check the sources of traffic, devices that your visitors use to shop online, or social channels from which they were referred to the store. Thanks to this data, it’s possible to adjust the communication to the preferences of your shoppers. In addition, Google Analytics locates the users and provides the website owners with accurate demographic data on them (such as gender, age, origin or interests). Thanks to Google Analytics, it is possible to optimize your content and its placement on the website, to adapt them to the exact target group, and thus improve the effectiveness of your business activities.

Google Trends

Google is the largest search engine in the world, which makes it popular among all the users who are looking for answers to many of their questions each day. Thanks to Google Trends, however, it’s possible to verify the most interesting topics for users from particular countries and cities. The tool allows you to check how many people asked about a certain topic on Google. This can actually help you optimize the content on the website and its positioning, additionally allowing to improve the content strategy (mostly blogging about relevant topics).


This online tool allows you to analyze almost every piece of content on the internet in terms of key phrases. Thanks to the app, it’s possible to plan the whole communication strategy of the brand and the content published by it, so that it all fits into the current trends and needs of the public. BuzzSumo is also useful when it comes to RTM (Real Time Marketing) communication. It allows you to identify posts most frequently shared by users, and find influencers who could become your brand ambassadors. This tool is also a great solution if you want to monitor the competitors on the Internet. The cost of using BuzzSumo depends on the selected plan and scope of its features, but there’s a trial period that you can choose to familiarize yourself with the options offered by the app and decide on a specific subscription plan after the end of this period.


One of the most popular internet monitoring tools out there. It owes its success to very precise monitoring results, intuitive interface and a very helpful customer service. The app allows you to customize your search phrases and generate relevant reports. Depending on the selected plan, the results can be updated twice a day, every hour, every 30 minutes and in real time. Thanks to the appropriate configuration of the tool, it’s possible to respond to customer’s problems and needs in real-time, immediately react to any problems described by the users and easily build an expert when commenting on trade-related topics.



More and more often shopping decisions are made thanks to the design of the product, packaging or visuals. Therefore, it’s very important that the graphics on the website are as well-designed and professional as possible. There are many solutions available that facilitate the creation of nice visuals, and Canva is one of them. It’s easy to use, allowing you to create graphics for many purposes, such as social media, ads, presentations and printed materials. Thanks to the possibility of choosing an individual size, Canva allows you to create almost any visual. The tool is equipped with a wide range of free items such as stickers, icons, layouts, frames, etc. Not all of them, however, are free.


Crello is often perceived as the older, more advanced sister of Canva. Why? Like Canva, Crello allows you to create graphics in many different shapes and sizes. The additional feature, though, is the ability to create animated posts for Facebook or Instagram. Crello is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that can be used even without any graphic design skills.


Generally speaking, Allthefreestock is a search engine for free photos. After finding the right photo, you can save it on your computer with a few clicks. One of the advantages of this tool is the ability to search not only for specific photos, but also free icons (which can be useful when creating infographics). All visuals are available in a very good quality, which makes them look professional on websites, in mailings or across social media channels.


Marketing automation is a growing trend, especially in e-commerce. Mostly because it can improve your sales without consuming too much of your time. For example, web push notifications can easily get you new subscribers and new leads, and PushPushGo is a great tool to implement those in your marketing strategy. Its panel lets you track users on your website and tag your them on the basis of their interests. Then, you can segment your customers, create different scenarios depending on the segments, and send dedicated, automatic notifications to the right people at the right time.

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