Recycleye is a ground-breaking AI robotics company working on improving global waste management, delivering improved efficiency, offtake and volume and improving waste sorting via the use of AI robotics.

The company itself is a start up and the marketing manager and founder understood the importance of investing in their online digital marketing efforts to promote the brand as well as their mission. Recycleye’s aim was to be at the forefront of their industry, revolutionising waste sorting and contributing to a truly circular economy.

The company partnered with Smarter Media and immediately a relationship was formed upon the admirable desire to be a part of the environmental sustabilitly movement. There was consistent communication from the start, and regular reviews, the campaign was optimised and delivered phenomenal results.

The Challenge

The challenge was to increase brand visibility - as Recycleye were at the forefront of an industry that was reinventing itself by the day, a lot of people were unaware of the latest technological advancements and just how much Recycleye were revolutionising AI and robotics when it came to waste management.

The brand itself and their website were relatively new, with minimal content and some technical issues which we identified during the initial audit. The niche was somewhat technical and therefore the content needed to tick the boxes and pass compliance which still ranking for the keywords needed to bring traffic to the website.

The Solution

The solution we implemented for Recycleye involved generating and delivering a complete content strategy to push all the new achievements that Recycleye were accomplishing, as well as increasing the brand awareness of Recycleye. Alongside the content strategy, we implemented a number of technical fixes to improve the SEO of the Recycleye website.

After the initial audit of the site, the technical team created and delivered a sound strategic search engine optimisation plan to increase the authority and performance of the site. The content strategy was formulated from an intensive competitor keyword gap analysis, and indepth keyword research. Blog posts where delivered and keyword optimisation implemented across the site.

Client communication was paramount to the success of the campaign, making adjustments as Recycleye needed (according to their own business and marketing strategy) to the strategy. This meant that the campaign delivered by Smarter Media aligned with their internal campaigns. By a few months in results had already started to pour in, especially from their first keyword featured snippet.

The Results

Following the implementation of technical fixes and delivery of the blog articles, the site had received a significant increase in organic traffic. The results at each monthly report, as well as each quarterly review were almost always in the green, and we took the momentum and continued the growth with several featured snippet positions throughout the campaign.

Recycleye managed to achieve an impressive uplift across their website during the campaign, seeing:

This in turn has fuelled further investment into Recycleye after encouraging a further increase in leads to the website via our content strategy and fixing website errors. The results meant that investing in digital marketing was a no brainer when it came to the budget meeting.

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By harnessing the power of AI robotics, our client is not only revolutionising waste sorting but also making significant strides towards a sustainable future. If you're ready to amplify your online presence, attract targeted traffic, and drive meaningful engagement, reach out to us today to explore how our content marketing and search engine optimisation campaigns can elevate your brand.

Amaroc is a Render, External Wall Insulation, Dryline and Tools supplier with branches in Swindon and Bristol, plus an extensive ecommerce website.

Their team have a wealth of knowledge in the building trade and their business goals revolve around selling the best external wall insulation systems, rendering and drylining products to their customers.

Established in 2014, the Amaroc brand has gone from strength to strength, adding a range of products to their portfolio to expand their offering to the trade.

The Challenge

With extensive year on year growth, Amaroc needed to take in national business to grow beyond their Wiltshire locality, and raise awareness oftheir large product offering. Plus they had UK exclusivity on various products in the range, but no one knew about it!

Having spent money on ad campaigns with little return it was clear the focus was wrong. Although this increased their traffic, they soon found out it was the wrong kind. Conversion rates were low, bounce rates were high and time on site wasn’t where it needed to be.

They quickly realised they needed to enlist the help of a digital marketing agency in order to achieve their goals. Attracting in the right type of new clients and building awareness of a wider product offering was key to their success.

With a new marketing focus, growth plans and new products, they needed a solution to take them into the limelight. Amaroc set objectives to expand their search terms beyond render (and Wiltshire) to become serious players in the UK-wide trade supply space.

The Solution

As a relatively small business in terms of staffing, time management is key and everyone in the business is hands on operationally. With this in mind, Amaroc needed a digital marketing company to take the reins and get stuck in to the project with minimum supervision. This is where they enlisted Smarter Media to help.

Smarter undertook a deep dive into the business with an audit of their website, placement online, search terms and competitor analysis, then created a clear roadmap in line with their objectives. This comprised of the various marketing streams and content they would need, plus creation and implementation.

As the products Amaroc supply are very niche, Smarter carefully researched hot topics, keywords and search terms to create content that would resonate with potential customers.

On and off-site optimisation was integrated into the focus, as well as research into search terms and keyword analysis for the new product range.

Smarter kicked off the new plan and within a matter of weeks their work had already started to impact their statistics. With a 40% increase in organic traffic and an 87%, 31% and 276% increase in key products.

Key products also saw a 59% increase in revenue generated purely from organic search.

The Result

Website statistics and conversion rates have gone from strength to strength as well as brand visibility on a national scale.

Amaroc has seen their conversion rates increase through PPC by 89%

They also saw an overall increase in revenue of 38% even though Smarter Media were able to save £18k on their budgeted Ad Spend.

Clear monthly reporting keeps the focus aligned with their wider business growth plans and Smarter constantly tweak and adjust their approach to get the best results month on month.

Smarter have really got under the skin of Amaroc’s business growing both the relationship they have with Marketing Director Nick and their online presence.

With the refocus that Smarter have put their digital marketing, Amaroc have saved both time and costs. Spending money on hollow traffic has become a thing of the past and their business is now playing in a national space, with the right audience who ultimately engage and purchase.

Amaroc, like most growing businesses, are always constantly evolving to see how they can better service and supply their clients. Smarter have now become an integral part of helping them navigate and manage their online evolution and success.

Bondline Electronics is a leading UK supplier and vast stockist – specialising in the production and distribution of high-quality static control equipment. Established in 1986, Bondline is a family-run business located in the Southwest of England. The company has a reputation for excellent customer service accompanied by competitive pricing.

They are a one-stop-shop for all ESD control, helping people and businesses to protect their electronic components and devices from electrostatic discharge.

Bondline supply ESD consumables such as matting and workbenches and pride-themselves in their customer service and competitive pricing. Alongside their product range, they offer ESD services such as bespoke customisation, installations, on-site audits, ESD training and calibrations.

The Challenge

Bondline are in a niche industry, so it can be challenging to stay competitive in the market and reach out to new potential customers. At the time they engaged Smarter Media, they were unhappy with their current landscape and were looking to set up some clear digital marketing goals.

Taking the nature of their offering into consideration, they wanted to focus on where to enhance their online visibility and the channels that would work best for them.

They realised several critical aspects were missing from their current plan; these being Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and a sound social media strategy.

Bondline’s SEO and PPC strategies at the time were very basic, which ledto a poor online visibility. Their social media posts were inconsistent meaning many opportunities to increase brand awareness were missed out on.

In order for the business to grow, Bondline had to take action and Smarter Media were recommended to them as a reputable, friendly, local business who could help re-structure their digital strategy.

They were quickly appointed to help Bondline achieve their objectives in line with their plans for growth. The main aims were to raise profile of their new ecommerce website online, increasing traffic of new and existing audiences and their market share.

When Smarter came on board, Bondline took on Chloe, a Digital Marketing Apprentice, to help with email campaigns and management of both the website and social media platforms. The Smarter team worked closely with her to help improve her skills and knowledge in her role.

With both in-house and external marketing capabilities, Bondline were all set to work towards their objectives, get their new website seen by the right people online and ultimately sell more products and services.

The Solution

Smarter Media quickly established what Bondline were missing from their digital marketing plan right from the start.

At the project kick off, they took the time to understand the business, the people in it and the marketing objectives. Based on this, they created an effective digital marketing strategy setting out several key objectives to work towards to achieve the growth they wanted.

At the same time they ensured the goals were realistic, attainable, specific to what they wanted to achieve in the timeframe set, and measurable. The Smarter team worked alongside key stakeholders in Bondline’s management and operations team to ensure the whole team were supportive of the new strategy. They then set about optimising the new website for maximum visibility and presence online.

Through a combination of keyword research, technical SEO, link building,retargeting and content suggestions, Smarter embarked on the work required to build up their presence online and increase average order value. PPC campaigns have also been put in place, working alongside the SEO to bring in new clients.

At the same time they ensured the goals were realistic, attainable, specific to what they wanted to achieve in the timeframe set, and measurable. The Smarter team worked alongside key stakeholders in Bondline’s management and operations team to ensure the whole team were supportive of the new strategy. They then set about optimising the new website for maximum visibility and presence online.

Through a combination of keyword research, technical SEO, link building,retargeting and content suggestions, Smarter embarked on the work required to build up their presence online and increase average order value. PPC campaigns have also been put in place, working alongside the SEO to bring in new clients.

With inclusion of the Bondline team into their Basecamp project management system, communication is clear on deliverables and deadlines. Monthly real-time reports and regular reviews mean Bondline can see their growth online as well as ask questions, tweaking the strategy along with advice from their account manager.

They can easily keep track of progress against goals and objectives as well as discuss any changes to the business, new products and services or campaigns.

Communication is a key factor, and Bondline are extremely happy that they can always see and speak to anyone in the Smarter team for help and advice. The fantastic results help too!

The Result

Since working with Smarter Media, Bondline’s online visibility has soared.

Organic search is now one of their largest traffic funnels, with direct and paid search following just behind. As a direct result they have acquired new business and increased their market share which has significantly contributed to their growth plans.

In the past 12 months Bondline have acquired over 32k organic users and 24k direct users, and their 2021 ecommerce revenue was a huge success. Smarter helped them acquire a +151% increase in organic traffic, +35% increase in conversion rates and a +178% increase in transactions.

In addition, they have seen an increase in goal competitions of +103%, and product enquiries are +137%. Smarter Media also gave Bondline the confidence to increase their ad spend, enabling them to reach an even wider audience. As a result, paid traffic last year was responsible for a +159% increase in revenue, +126% intransactions and a +14% increase in average order value.

Bondline now have a whole new direction with their digital marketing that they didn’t know was possible. Their worries about how to reach their potential customers have been blown away and the results speak for themselves.

Throughout the two-year relationship, their objectives have always been met and the results always exceed expectations. Smarter Media knew right from the beginning what was needed and as a result, Bondline have awell-structured SEO, PPC and retargeting strategy that has hugely increased online visibility, revenue and marketshare.