Search Engine Optimisation – can you handle more business?

We are the specialist SEO division of Smarter Media. A Digital Marketing Agency in Swindon who offer advanced on-page search engine optimisation and off-page search engine optimisation services that will dramatically improve your website visibility within the search engines, ultimately driving more traffic to your website, increasing your levels of enquiries and sales.

Strategic simplicity and value for money
Smarter Media are an experienced SEO Agency who will drive visitors through the use of organic Search Engine Optimisation as well as local SEO techniques. We gain quality traffic through the search engines for your business through proven, honest and trusted techniques.

Our Search Engine Optimisation practices help businesses optimise their visitor traffic through ethical and cost-effective means.

Applying our industry expertise and knowledge, we improve the volume and quality of your traffic and help you stabilise your online identity.

Our white hat practices stem from a series of analytical researches like keyword and key phrase analysis, website technical analysis and competitor analysis amongst others.

Our aim is simple; provide an industry leading service backed by results, at a price which ensures our customers see a healthy return on their investment.

We believe our services should always be win/win. If you see healthy returns, we’ll keep you as a customer for the long term.

We also believe you will be so satisfied you will recommend our services too!

SEO in Swindon is in hot demand and we continue to receive enquiries on a daily basis through our website and also through referrals from our current satisfied clients. Our SEO clients often come to us very sceptical about the process, often they have been left dissatisfied before by other companies but through our no nonsense, no jargon approach we quickly put their minds at ease and start building a plan that works.

Although we are an SEO agency in Swindon we also offer our services to clients all over the country. Our SEO services aren’t restricted to a local area either and we can provide packages that target a local, national or international area.

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    Based in Swindon, UK

    Swindon is a fantastic town for business and growing! Situated along the M4 corridor in Wiltshire between Bristol and London, and boasting a vibrant economy now ranking in the top 7 towns/cities in the UK for performance.

    Swindon is home to a huge array of companies, with many national and international businesses choosing to have their headquarters here, as well as many thousands of SME’s in all sectors and industries.

    This vast contrast of businesses has allowed Smarter Media to build, service, maintain and grow a consistent and impressive client bank of businesses spanning the UK and ranging from SME’s to Blue Chip Internationals.

    Search Engine Optimisation for your business website can be conducted from anywhere. This means you do not have to be based in Swindon to benefit from our services. Contact us today and we will help your business achieve its online potential.

    So, what is SEO?

    Search engine optimisation, or in short SEO, is the process of enhancing a website in order to make it search engine friendly for the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo. This includes ensuring your website is technically sound, as well as your content solves your users problem.  It also involves offsite work, in terms of acquiring links from other authoritative, well-built and relevant websites, being listed on relevant directories, and also ensuring all your NAP’s (name, address, phone number) are consistent across the web wherever they are listed.

    This process is crucial if your site is to be found when people search for your products or services, or that important information you want them to see.

    Search engine optimisation is a very skilful art form and if not conducted effectively and ethically, can result in your website not being found when users search and also being penalised by the likes of Google. Being penalised by the major search engines could be the end of your business.

    All Smarter Media SEO technicians are highly trained, experienced and very importantly only use white hat ethical SEO techniques.
    The ultimate aim of SEO is to ensure that your site ranks well for the all-important key search terms that matter the most to your business. The better it ranks for these, the higher the volume of relevant traffic your website will receive.

    Smarter Media understand how search engines work; this in turn means we are well placed to market your business effectively through the process of understanding the algorithms that search engines have created.