Predictable and scalable growth with Digital Lead Generation Funnels

What if you could generate leads at a predictable cost and scale to your hearts content? For example, if an average customer to your business has a lifetime value of £3,000, if you knew you could spend £500 on targeted ads, which would generate 20 leads, which resulted in 5 closed deals, would that be a good deal to you?

That means for every £500 you spend on ads you could predictably generate £15,000 in new business!

This is the power of targeted ads and digital lead generation funnels.

The above is just an example but truly demonstrates the potential. Each product, service, and industry will be different. But the fundamentals remain the same, your audience is online, they can be reached, a known cost per lead and cost per client acquisition can be established and your campaign can be scaled.

Our team will work with you to understand the key triggers for your perfect customer, developing engaging visuals, crafted content and ensuring we offer the right hook to your customer.

If you want serious and predictable growth then a digital lead generation funnel is exactly what your business needs. Contact our team today and we’ll map out exactly what a funnel for your business could look like.

The Smarter Media ethos is to build long term working relationships with our customers and deliver a service that exceeds their expectations and that we are proud of.
We are not satisfied until our customers are satisfied!
We look forward to increasing your online effectiveness!

We always welcome visitors to the office too and enjoy nothing better than a cuppa and a biscuit…

Our Head Office in Swindon is very easy to find and has plenty of free car parking. We also visit our clients at their premises so if you would like a meeting at your venue let us know and we can arrange.
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We fully understand that our success is based on the success of our clients so rest assured we will do all we can to help your business succeed in the tough online world. Based on this we always work closely with our clients to understand them, their businesses and their needs and build a long term and healthy business relationship.

A digital lead generation funnel is all about creating a solid pathway to take someone from becoming aware of your brand through online advertising through to a first-time and then repeat customer. It also works brilliantly for allowing attribution of your leads and sales to the exact campaign or marketing asset that brought you each and every customer.

Having a strong digital lead generation funnel not only means that you will be using a smart way of guiding and supporting a prospect through to becoming a long-term customer, but you will also be able to very accurately monitor which parts of your marketing mix are performing the best.

Return on investment for online marketing can vary wildly depending on so many factors. What worked for you last year may not work so well today, and what seems to be doing well for a business that looks similar to yours may not perform the same way when you use it. You need to be able to analyse and react to the performance every element of your marketing is delivering so that you can stop spending on things that aren’t working for you, and increase investment in those that are.

To do this, you really need to be able to determine just where your customers or leads are discovering you and joining the flow of your lead gen funnel. With this kind of implementation, you will be arming yourself with everything you need to plan your next moves when it comes to strengthening your outreach.

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