Wondering how to come up with new content ideas for your website? There are always new topics worth covering. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best ways that will ensure a steady stream of fresh and interesting material so that no matter what Google throws at you next, your site is prepared to rank high in search results.

  1. The first step to creating great content is to do your research – GAP analysis

When you’re creating content, it can be hard to know who your audience is and what they want. You need real information that’s relevant to readers in order for them not only to read but also enjoy the article. Your article should always discuss topics from their perspective or at least have some relevance of how things affect their lives.

If you want to create content that nobody else in your industry is speaking about, you should look to run a GAP analysis. Using our Smarter approach, we’re able to run keyword research which will help you to identify potential content opportunities within your market.

If you want to convince your readers that what you’re saying is true, give them evidence. Writing samples and case studies will help show people the truth of who you are as a person. If they see how real these things can be for other people like themselves they’ll believe in it too! Each research project is different, but they all have the same goal: to produce credible information that will help you answer your question. You may find it helpful to use a variety of sources for this process, such as case studies and internet forums in addition to more reliable website like Wikipedia or Google Scholar. The key thing when researching online is being critical about what’s true versus false! Researching can be tough work if done incorrectly; so we recommend using whatever groundings possible — including other people’s experiences on sites like Quora or TikTok—in order create an extensive list of resources from which you’ll choose only the most convincing ones.

  1. Take a look at what others are writing about and see if you can find any gaps in the market.

You’re probably wondering what to do if all your competitors are writing about the exact same topics. Well, you might either be in a very niche market or there’s a gap in the market. If there is indeed an unoccupied trend that needs filling, start by looking for something no one else is currently talking about and get creative! You’re most likely asking yourself: “What should I do if my competition has written their way into every available nook of this topic?” There may not always seem like anything new left to say on certain subjects – but don’t worry; we can still find things worth discussing. The best strategy would consist of examining potential gaps within these topics before presenting them as ideas worthy of exploration

Smarter Media can help you to identify gaps in your market by using our research tools to scan your competitors’ sites to see what keywords people in the market are looking for, while identifying opportunities that nobody else has seen. Talking about a topic that your audience is interested in can be a great way to start building your audience and engagement. It’s also a good idea to think about creating content that your ideal client might find interesting. Sometimes people think that clients are interested in everything, but that’s rarely the case. What they like most is specific content that speaks directly to a specific topic — e.g. children’s story ideas, flowers for Instagram, account building ideas. In other words, clients want specific ideas that will help them solve a specific problem they have. Overall, make sure that your content manages to not only answer the general user’s question but help solve the client’s problem specifically. Finally, be sure not to copy any of your competitors’ content in your own content. If you find that you can write similar body content or themes from your competitors, you may have already locked yourself into a place you won’t be able to escape.

  1. Find out what the most popular content on your site is and see how you can improve it.

Finding out what your most popular posts are and seeing how you can improve them is a terrific strategy to improve your website. You may accomplish this by looking at your most popular social media posts. People are frequently prepared to share intriguing and perhaps shocking things on social media, but avoiding sensationalism can be costly. Examining what your target audience is interested in can provide you with a plethora of new subjects to discuss.

Using our advanced technology, we’re able to identify what content is performing well on your site that we can look to improve further and also highlight content which could be doing better, making small changes to make it more visible for your ideal customers. You may stay on topic and expand the depth of your material by categorising your most popular content into one of the free formats offered on most social networking platforms. If the majority of your social media followers are marketers, for example, your most popular post might be titled “Marketing suggestions.” You don’t have to include a tonne of marketing advice in your new content; simply include suggestions that your audience will find valuable. Let’s say your most popular Twitter post is “How to prevent being distracted by technology.” You don’t have to tell your audience how to avoid technology; simply give them some pointers on how to stay focused while using their electronic devices. You’ll need concepts that aren’t too niche or specific to a small group of people, but wide enough to address any topic that your target audience finds significant. You might use social media sites that post more general themes as a starting point for your content. Animal welfare, fresh fruits and vegetables, and healthy food, for example, are among the most popular global subjects on Pinterest.


  1. Give a voice to your readers by asking them questions or by compiling their comments into an article.

Asking questions is one of the most effective methods to engage with your audience. Ask your readers to tell you what they’re interested in and what they’re looking for, whether through a survey or a simple Q&A. From time to time, I also use Google’s My Business page to create a Call to Action for my audience to click. Smarter Media can help to improve your presence on the Google search index by utilising Google posts, we can also increase your organic visibility by adding different elements to your site.

  1. Think about what kind of content people will be searching for next month, next year, and even in five years’ time—and start producing it now!

To generate interesting content, you must have a firm grasp on what your audience wants right now, next month, next year, and even five years from now. Consider what type of material people will be looking for in a month, a year, or even five years, and start creating it today! First and foremost. Assemble a content calendar. When implemented properly, content calendars can save a lot of time. We always create distinct, coded operations that correspond to our schedule. These calendars keep track of the themes we want to write about throughout the month, and each blog post is then assigned to a category. We track top-level data into this calendar so that we know how many blog posts we have to write in a month and who has authority on our topics. Smarter Media has a host of brilliant content providers who are able to write engaging and interesting copy, bound to engage your customers and improve your organic search visibility.

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