Amaroc’s eCommerce Goes National

3 mins read -
March 20, 2023

Amaroc is a Render, External Wall Insulation, Dryline and Tools supplier with branches in Swindon and Bristol, plus an extensive ecommerce website.

Their team have a wealth of knowledge in the building trade and their business goals revolve around selling the best external wall insulation systems, rendering and drylining products to their customers.

Established in 2014, the Amaroc brand has gone from strength to strength, adding a range of products to their portfolio to expand their offering to the trade.

The Challenge

With extensive year on year growth, Amaroc needed to take in national business to grow beyond their Wiltshire locality, and raise awareness oftheir large product offering. Plus they had UK exclusivity on various products in the range, but no one knew about it!

Having spent money on ad campaigns with little return it was clear the focus was wrong. Although this increased their traffic, they soon found out it was the wrong kind. Conversion rates were low, bounce rates were high and time on site wasn’t where it needed to be.

They quickly realised they needed to enlist the help of a digital marketing agency in order to achieve their goals. Attracting in the right type of new clients and building awareness of a wider product offering was key to their success.

With a new marketing focus, growth plans and new products, they needed a solution to take them into the limelight. Amaroc set objectives to expand their search terms beyond render (and Wiltshire) to become serious players in the UK-wide trade supply space.

The Solution

As a relatively small business in terms of staffing, time management is key and everyone in the business is hands on operationally. With this in mind, Amaroc needed a digital marketing company to take the reins and get stuck in to the project with minimum supervision. This is where they enlisted Smarter Media to help.

Smarter undertook a deep dive into the business with an audit of their website, placement online, search terms and competitor analysis, then created a clear roadmap in line with their objectives. This comprised of the various marketing streams and content they would need, plus creation and implementation.

As the products Amaroc supply are very niche, Smarter carefully researched hot topics, keywords and search terms to create content that would resonate with potential customers.

On and off-site optimisation was integrated into the focus, as well as research into search terms and keyword analysis for the new product range.

Smarter kicked off the new plan and within a matter of weeks their work had already started to impact their statistics. With a 40% increase in organic traffic and an 87%, 31% and 276% increase in key products.

Key products also saw a 59% increase in revenue generated purely from organic search.

The Result

Website statistics and conversion rates have gone from strength to strength as well as brand visibility on a national scale.

Amaroc has seen their conversion rates increase through PPC by 89%

They also saw an overall increase in revenue of 38% even though Smarter Media were able to save £18k on their budgeted Ad Spend.

Clear monthly reporting keeps the focus aligned with their wider business growth plans and Smarter constantly tweak and adjust their approach to get the best results month on month.

Smarter have really got under the skin of Amaroc’s business growing both the relationship they have with Marketing Director Nick and their online presence.

With the refocus that Smarter have put their digital marketing, Amaroc have saved both time and costs. Spending money on hollow traffic has become a thing of the past and their business is now playing in a national space, with the right audience who ultimately engage and purchase.

Amaroc, like most growing businesses, are always constantly evolving to see how they can better service and supply their clients. Smarter have now become an integral part of helping them navigate and manage their online evolution and success.