FGD Solutions Ltd. is an ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) company, focused onthe secure and sustainable disposal of business redundant IT assets.

They safely destroy client data bearing media using a variety of methods.They then either recycle it using environment agency approved processes or resell to continue the equipment’s usable lifecycle.

FGD are fully industry compliant conforming to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive. They are an Asset Disposal Information Security Alliance Accredited (ADISA) approved supplier and are also approved by the Environment Agency to transport and processe lectronic waste. Not to mention their zero-landfill policy.





The Challenge

The Challenge

FGD were looking to grow their business organically online and were in debate as to whether SEO and SEO company should be appointed. They undertook internal discussions and decided that it was one area that they had traditionally steered away from. This was due to the fact they had never felt that website traffic was be a main contributor to inbound lead generation.

They decided they needed more expertise and an honest opinion so engaged Smarter Media to come in for a chat. They decided the time was right to now look at SEO alongside other avenues.

FGD’s aim was to consistently generate five new leads per month from the website, based on the justification of various site upgrades that had been recently put in place.

Following the initial discussions and deep dive into their objectives, FGD appointed Smarter Media to help the machieve the growth they were after.

The Solution

The Solution

Smarter Media got to work managing FGD’s general online presence more effectively. They performed various on pages tasks such as error fixing, amending some key errors on the site and ensuring it could be effectively crawled by Google. This enabled the site to be discovered quicker.

They then researched and produced a list of target key words, creating relevant content in line with them to drive traffic and ultimately leads through the website.

They also set up a reporting portal for the team at FGD which fuelled the monthly catch up. Here they could keep track of growth, understand the impact of the spend and the work being done, discuss any pain points and tweakthe plan if needed.

By having his type of clarity, it was easy for FGD to see that they had made the right choice. That along with the efforts and input of the Smarter Media team means that Smarter became an integra part of their inbound marketing solutions.

The Result

The Result

In the 18 months that Smarter have been working with FGD they have had a 300% increase in goal conversions on the site and have nearly doubled their overall traffic at 46% year on year. Time spent on site, return visits and all the headline stats have also dramatically increased.

The content generated by the team at Smarter has given FGD visibility online as an ‘industry expert’ and keyword targeting has helped them to better define their service offering, aligning it with how their ideal users will search. Most importantly, FGD have seen growth in their inbound enquiries too, in line with their initial objectives.

It’s a genuine pleasure working with the whole of the Smarter Media team, and we couldn’t recommend them or their services more highly! Specific mentions to Karl, Rob, Nataley, Brad & Emma, all of whom have been an integral part of our process (no doubt with others in the background too)!

Our business has seen a distinct upturn in our online presence and visibility and we’ve been armed with the tools and support to push our goals to the next level!

Lowell Rawcliffe, Senior Account Manager - FGD


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