What are my options for paid ads online? Most people don’t search the web with ads in mind, but they do visit Google, Facebook and other vertical search engine directories. When they review the pages returned from their search levels, a new series of pay-per-click (PPC) options appear at the top and bottom parts of the results. These PPC ad units or “ads” are top performers for leading customers to consider your company as the best solution to their needs or problems.

Importance of Paid Advertising

The term paid advertising refers to advertisers bidding in real-time auctions to display their ads on a particular search engine, network or platform. Clients often choose this type of advertising because it generates valuable traffic.

To get results and convert leads into paying customers, you must use paid ads accurately. With too much competition in today’s digital marketplace, only well-designed paid advertising campaigns will drive sales and improve a brand’s overall presence. In general, paid advertisements promise greater brand visibility and allow brands to reach a larger audience.

Types of Paid Ads Online

1.      Search engine ads

Search engine ads, as the name implies, appear on search engine results pages to promote your website. With it, you can bring more visitors to your site, enhance brand recognition, achieve quick results and increase conversions.

This type of paid ad is displayed above and below the search results on search engines, such as Google. In general, paid content is tagged as “ad.” They typically consist of text without any visuals.

Choosing your keywords is crucial in developing an effective search ad since search engines display your ad based on keywords. To reach leads searching for your products, ensure your keywords are relevant.

A search engine ad can drive positive results for your business, so you’ll benefit from seeking a Google Ads specialist or Google Ads agency for your business.

2.      Social media ads

Advertisements on social media have become increasingly powerful in recent years, especially as social media sites have made paid marketing more accessible. You can reach your audience effectively through social media advertising. And it appears that social media users agree with this statement, with nearly 60% of Millennials surveyed saying social media ads are more relevant than ever.

Everyone uses social media networks in their day-to-day lives, and marketers can’t overlook the power of these networks. On Facebook, people don’t just look through their friends’ feeds but also research products and services as well as read reviews of other customers.

There are three types of audience targeting available on Facebook: Core Audiences, Lookalike Audiences and Custom Audiences. With Core Audiences, you can target a specific audience according to their demographics, geography, interests, activities and connections. Using Lookalike Audiences, you can reach customers similar to your current customers. Meanwhile, you can reach those who have already engaged with your brand through Custom Audiences. A Facebook ad agency can help you create relevant ads for these audiences.

On Instagram, you can attract new customers, build brand recognition, showcase your products and boost sales. Users can advertise through Instagram posts, Highlights, Stories and user profiles.

Professionals are the main focus of LinkedIn. Users can be targeted based on their job title, company or industry, hobbies, location and demographics.

On Twitter, people can be targeted by keywords, their conversations, topics of interest and previous engagement with your tweets.

Each social media platform provides unique opportunities for promoting your business. Choosing a channel is the first step to using social media ads. Your platform of choice will depend on where your audience spends most of their time.

3.      Display ads

Also referred to as banner ads, these appear on websites as text, images or videos. When it comes to grabbing your audience’s attention, display ads are an excellent option. They’re used primarily for general advertising and brand awareness.

Display ads appear whenever your target audience is surfing the web but is not looking for your products or services. Various types of display ads exist, including static images, text, floating banners, popups and videos.

4.      Remarketing ads

When consumers are already familiar with your service or product, remarketing to them is the best strategy. By using remarketing/retargeting ads, you can remind users to visit your website.

If many of your site visitors leave items in their shopping carts without buying, return to the same product repeatedly and explore your site, consider launching retargeting campaigns that target them based on their interests. Remarketing ads improve conversions because they remind people who already know you of what you offer.

5.      Native ads

Native advertising refers to media advertising that uses natural methods of promotion. Native ads are integrated into the platform or ad channel and blend in with other content on the website. It gives the impression that the ads belong to the platform, making them effective for boosting blog traffic.

Native advertising has several forms, including in-feed ads, search ads and promoted listings.

6.      Video ads

YouTube ads are the most well-known and popular video ads, but they can take many forms. An educational or informative approach is an option. You could also post a how-to or create a visual story to engage your viewers.

Video ads work well for branding, especially if your service or product is best shown visually. You can run video ads on multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and YouTube.

Create Paid Ads for Your Business Today

There are numerous types of paid ads available that you can utilise to reach your target market across different platforms. Paid ads can be a powerful tool for exposing your brand to a wide audience.

Need a creative agency or ad agency for lead generation? At Smarter Media, our team is experienced in working with various types of paid ads, and we can help you decide which ad format is best for your business.

Create advertising that resonates with your target audience. Contact our team now to discover more about our paid advertising services.

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